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We offer client services as filmmakers dedicated to social justice.


Documentaries transmit vast amounts of information to broad, diverse audiences and can be screened anywhere from classrooms to community centers, from cable access television to international film festivals.

Post-Production Services

Post-production service transforms your original footage into a concise and effective finished video piece. Our qualified staff digitally import your footage and edit it, producing a video that matches your vision and goals.

Video Biographies

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos communicate to your audiences not only the mission of a campaign or advocacy project, but also the overall expression of an individual or anization.

Event Coverage

Beyondmedia's qualified videographers record the entirety of an event or interview and work with you to highlight the aspects you wish to promote.

Interview Recordings

We present subjects with compassion and depth, and capture the sentiment of the occasion according to your needs.

Our Clients